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we are hunted, a custom online radio

What is it?

we are hunted logo we are hunted, a custom online is a little like an online char radio, that allows simple user interaction. The DISCOVERY feature plays a couple of songs for you, which you can like, dislike or skip. From these results a playlist is generated for you. While listening to music, you can still browse songs and artists on the site, without discontinuing your current playlist. The player is inconspicuously positioned at the top of the browser window, with common controls like back, forward, pause and stop. Also a integration to share the songs through twitter, facebook and myspace is available and a link to buy the specific song.

If you chose to stay on a page. It will highlight the song you currently are listening to, including a picture of the artist for a more visual impression.

we are hunted we are hunted, a custom online radio

What I found

we are hunted song options we are hunted, a custom online radioI’ve found a couple of cool songs and so far even a band. For example I found acoustic versions of Bulletproof and Pokerface. Furthermore I’ve discovered Paramore. A good example for young pop punk with a female vocalist, that reminded me a little of Garbage.

If you find something nice in this appealingly designed music cloud, let me know icon wink we are hunted, a custom online radio

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