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exam: done

Today we did it again. My team and I sold ourselves as high as we could and got rewarded for weeks of hard work. Our presentations were good enough to be forgiven for a couple of formal and minor mistakes in the content. We were the first three on the second days and the atmosphere at NoMA was quite tense. There was happiness, disappointment but mostly primarily relief.
I was not quite sure my presentation was meeting the desired standard, but luckily it did. It still would have been nothing without the great amount of work we did together and the synergy we developed in the process. Using SCRUM as a planning and controlling instrument I’d even like to do in my everyday. It was a blast with Trond and Kenneth, so if you want to have great team workers for a project and for any reason hate me, be sure to hire these guys! (or just all of us) icon wink exam: done
Preparing for the exam was quite nice. I had the feeling my girlfriend had opened a beauty farm in my one room apartment. I wore some kind of skin mask in the face O.o It wasn’t so bad and fun to try, I rehearsed my presentation once, though in English, not in Danish and then went to sleep for the exam day, where the following picture was shot:
post exam beer exam: done
PS: A 10 or 12 was the condition for putting on the hat that day

PPS: I owe my girlfriend a million DKK now, I bet I wouldn’t get 12 :>

PPPS: I just tried making my first little AJAX login form with this tutorial, very easy and a fun activity for your holidays, cheers!

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