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Updates on decreasing to do list

It’s been a while since I blogged about something personal, if you leave out the personal references in my series of twitter tutorial posts.

  1. Exam project
  2. It’s done apart from the oral presentation which will determine our individual grades. We and I made few mistakes, but we worked hard. Let’s see what we can squeeze out of it.

  3. Coding my most complex website so far without a CMS, but with CodeIgniter
  4. It’s not done, but it has made progress! I learn on this project and it’s helping me advance a lot. Wrote a little PHP tutorial about explode() and implode() here.

  5. Choosing pictures from previous shootings for upload
  6. Done some of that. For example here or here.

  7. Re-Design my Portfolio
  8. Not gotten there at all, but I’ve been gathering ideas icon wink Updates on decreasing to do list

  9. Stick my head into WordPress Plugin development for multiple ideas
  10. Again a no, but it was the bottom of the list anyways icon wink Updates on decreasing to do list

Now here somebody who literally is close to the front line. A photo journalist, telling about the riots in the middle east. This is a job, I’d take without blinking. There are so many stories that are in need of being told.

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