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How to Twitter: Day #5 Tools


A client is an application you use twitter through. A great example for that is tweetdeck, because it has multiple columns and you can get it on Windows and MacOS, because it is written in Adobe AIR. I like to keep track of my friends timeline, my mentions and a facebook newsfeed. The fourth column changes between different lists and searches.

tweetdeck screenshot How to Twitter: Day #5 Tools

Link shorteners

If you’ve been tweeting and including links in your tweets, you may have noticed that links take a big chunk of the overall tweet length, which is limited to 140 characters after all. Link shorteners will be your friend. There are multiple services for that out there, I personally use, because it’s widely spread and easy to integrate to tweetdeck or available as a plugin for Chrome/Chromium.


There are different tools for analyzing your or others accounts. A service which is fairly new and very powerful is Klout. It calculates how you impact twitter with your tweets upon how much reaction like mentions or retweets you produce. It also analyzes your style, if you mostly tweet links, mention other users and so on. There is a ranking plugin available for Chrome to see other peoples Klout score directly on the twitter website.

klout style How to Twitter: Day #5 Tools


I can only recommend you chain your facebook profile to your twitter account and let your friends there know what you’re posting on twitter. Just go to the twitter application.

facebook twitter connect How to Twitter: Day #5 Tools

These were the first five days of How to Twitter. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment icon wink How to Twitter: Day #5 Tools Thanks to everybody who followed through so far!

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