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How to Twitter: Day #4 No Go’s

Content is king,

don’t kill it with boredom.

It’s been a long time since my last status update, so here we go: looking for breakfast.

When you’re a blogger, you should add some personality to your blog, that’s correct. If you don’t have a blog and are worried that your twitter account has some spider webs on it, use it as motivation. Get up, do something, tweet that.

Duplicate content is a fool

Of course it is, so don’t retweet somebody a lot of your followers are following, it will just annoy them and flood their timeline.
Furthermore, don’t link the same post/site twice without telling you have tweeted it before. Include a memorable title, or users will be disappointed the second time they visit one of your links, they believed to be new.

Don’t hate

All you miserable maggots will bite to dust and I’ll impale you with a bamboo stick!

If you try to stand out as a professional, discuss, don’t harass. What you tweet about is very sensitive. Don’t tweet that you hate work, when you just got hired by a firm and you have no side-projects, don’t put a bounty on peoples head, imagine your audience sitting in front of you. To get away from you, they just have to click unfollow instead of leaving the room and giving you the possibility to question why, like in the physical world.

Don’t whine too much. It’s very irritating to see people bitching around all the time. To be on the subject and being still critical is not impossible icon wink How to Twitter: Day #4 No Go’s

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