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How to Twitter: Day #2 Why?

Why should you use a twitter account?

There are a couple of good answers. Most business people will now be looking for a combination of “will”, “increase” and “sales”, but it’s not that simple. If you do it right, it might create a better relation to your customers, empowers you for more direct communication and that also only if your target group uses twitter. Furthermore will it not help throwing out random links to your homepage or products, if it is not new, relaunched, changed, or in a conversation. Sounds easy? No, but that’s why there are multimedia designers like me icon smile How to Twitter: Day #2 Why?
As a private user you can promote your private projects, network close and instantly with friends or just stay up to date with your favourite celebrities breakfast sandwich. BOOOORING. At least the last.
If you, like me, are becoming a multimedia designer, study something in relation marketing, no matter if it is internet related or not, you definitely should have a Twitter account. If you ever, possibly by a client, boss, co-worker or a just a possible client at a party at very unlikely circumstances could be confronted with the question: “What about social media?”.
Sounds like it’s never gonna happen? Don’t think so. I’m not a god of social media and I don’t even have a lot of followers, but my count is growing (feel free to follow if you find the first peek at my time line interesting :)).

I use Twitter connected to other social communities which makes my tweets, apart from retweets and mentions visible on for example facebook. When I find something interesting or funny, that my friends could like, I tweet it, if I find it has not been seen, is brand new or just legendary. Furthermore I tweet new blog entries (more in depth about new things or things new to me) or portfolio entries with sets of photos, posters or code snippets.

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