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Friday Feature #3: Angeline Gragasin

angeline gragasin Friday Feature #3: Angeline GragasinWelcome to the third Friday Feature from my side! Today I will be writing about Angeline Gragasin, who describes herself as a Woman of The Future. I can agree to that, since she on her website states to “sets out to revolutionize the death industry one corpse at a time”. This references her series of videos The Ecstacy of Decay, which you can see below. Her perspective of accessing this topic is very open, sometimes provocative. Where both episodes have strong resemblance with a documentary, the first one has more video footage and the second is compiled from still-life images, video and voice-over, which is because it pictures the history of the corpse in America. In her director reel for 2011, that is linked on her vimeo profile, she also shows that she does not only direct camera shot footage, but also digital productions like animations. Apart from her profile on vimeo, you can also find her on her website

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