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NoMA Real Life Feedback

The presentations were of very mixed quality. Most firms were well prepared, some minor glitches occured. Some set very strict guidelines and gave us a concept that made us all howl to the gods of good design and beg for burning sulfur and lightning.

There was not even time for evaluating the different objectives, because the application lists were up all the time and limited, so some projects were filled up almost immediatly. When we argued, that we couldn’t even listen to all companies and consider we got a plain: “Yes, you can.”, from one of teachers. We argued: “But what about $project_X?” and got: “Oh you can’t take that.”. We were very puzzled by that.
One of the customers changed the deadline of a sub-task to a week before deadling (which is a lot, considering we were given 14 days) and that is just not a very nice treatment of people who are trying to deliver some results that are worth being in their portfolios.
Should we get used to incoherent informations from customers right away? icon wink NoMA Real Life Feedback
Apart from the changing demands and information it’s been a good real life project so far though, but there’s always room for improvement icon wink NoMA Real Life Feedback

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