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Surveillance of students

As mentioned before I’m studying at NoMA and recently one of my teachers literally bragged about, that they could see, who accesses which documents on our online ressource for material:

I see this as a violation of my privacy, because I just could have copied documents from another student and it is really nobodies business when I download which document. I refuse to use the service until this catastrophic state is removed. I was not informed about this, when I signed up for the service, which is an abuse of my trust.

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3 Responses to “Surveillance of students”

  1. MadamFeather says:

    Totally agree. What’s happening with the “I am watching your every move”-comment from your teacher? I can by no means be any of their business what you collect from your online ressource of material.

  2. Flügel says:

    wie böse ist das … :/?!
    echt seltsame politik. wobei ich nicht weiß, wie es hier aussieht ;)

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