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Friday Feature #2: Jaime Ibarra

Here is one of the guys that keeps me going. He and his style are quite destined to encourage and admire. Who once in a while visits deviantART probably knows him, he’s almost an icon there. Enough of the sweet-talk let’s get a picture of who I am talking about: On letting go… by *jaimeibarra on deviantART

The layer of reality & intimacy in the photos we created was undeniable. You simply cannot fake that…and it was exactly this that I fell in love with. This was myintroduction to photography. I quickly became addicted to having a muse. To photograph someone I love…and someone that loves me. It is a powerfully-addicting drug, believe me.

Muses can be taken as life dividing chapters in his life, as far as I’ve seen. The emotional and often nude or semi-nude pictures carry moods, moments through their colourful and unique style. What stands out through his website and his galleries is the pure dedication to his medium and the time he takes to explain what his works mean to him. Experience both in a technical and also the stories that he puts in relation with them. His comments on his works, especially on the personal ones are a mixture between a little behind the scenes and a lot of honest journal writing. To see more of his pictures I can, apart from his portfolio, his deviantART gallery. You probably need to sign up to dA because of their mature content policy. Here a couple of pieces I especially like:

Escape by *jaimeibarra on deviantART

Sin Pausa by *jaimeibarra on deviantART

Lucy in Disguise by *jaimeibarra on deviantART

Seek by *jaimeibarra on deviantART
Last but not least, a little self-interview with frequently asked questions from Lauren Calaway and Jaime Ibarra:

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