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juicy audio for MacOS with Clementine

clementine logo icon juicy audio for MacOS with ClementineClementine right now is a ported Amarok 1.4 (which right now is at version 2.4) and it happened to become my audio player of choice a couple of days ago. Before that I’ve been using Songbird on Mac OS X but as I consider it slow I was looking for an alternative, because iTunes certainly is NOT an option for me. iTunes does not support my favourite formats and the way Clementine and Amarok handle the music library and playlists is much more what I like. The library at the side and the main window is the playlist.$

Clementine is right now at 0.6 and there is also a Windows binary available for download. I’m mentioning it for Mac OS because there’s just not that much variety on this platform as on Windows or Linux.

Features i value most:

  • clean and fast interface and library
  • connection support
  • Growl integration (notifications)
  • support for many audio formats like MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Speex, FLAC or AAC

clementine screenshot juicy audio for MacOS with Clementine

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