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pretty video hosting: vimeo

Intro: vimeo, but there is youtube?

Youtube is for the masses, it’s fast, works like a charm, except on mobile devices and supports a bit of styling of your channel. Recently they’ve also started a beta for html5 video. On vimeo you don’t have instant uploads if you’re not a premium user, your HD videos are limited to 1 per week and a much smaller community. This does not sound good as a starting point? Let me explain why, in my opinion, it’s still a good service to use and a community worth diving into.

vimeo’s key features

As vimeo is more aimed at creators and not just at everyone having audio-visual data like video blogs or anime AMVs, they implemented a really nice function for crediting people who also have a vimeo account. They are listed below the viewed video. Also the player offers you more flexibility and even in the standard settings looks just better than youtubes old grey interface.

Another reason to use vimeo is the community. If you take a look at the comments on some of the videos you might find a lot more constructive criticism and interesting statements compared to youtubes communities one-liners and flames.

vimeo’s user page

vimeo user profile pretty video hosting: vimeo

This is the user page of Angeline Gragasin, I can recommend her videos. The design of the user pages is simple, withholds a lot of information, but not in simple values but in easily accessible and sexy layout. Again some of the functions are limited for non-premium members, but design and feel of the site are maintained through any type of user account.

non plus user limitations

  • low priority of converting video on upload
  • 500MB of uploads per week
  • 1 HD video per week
  • 1 group membership
  • 1 channel creation

If you’re not into extensive film making and upload a lot of content at once, the normal account should work for you. Also you need some patience when you upload a video, cause it can take hours for a video of seconds to be uploaded and available. A vimeo plus account is 59.95$ a year and you can find more information on it on

So if you are creating audio-visual content, if you’re a director, 3D- or 2D-animator I can strongly recommend you to take a look around vimeo.

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  1. Gundars says:

    I totally agree.

    I think Youtube is for everyone, for mass music population and always has been.
    But, since I remember myself, I have always seen local-directors, animators and designers videos on Vimeo.

    That site has more royal value than any other video hosting site.

    • I’m glad you support that point of view. I wanted to notice people about this and even if it is not processing as fast as youtube, it’s still a valuable platform at least for us, who are not whoring around with random stuff too much ;)

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