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Friday Feature: Konstantin Alexandroff

I have not featured many artists here so far, but I’m planning to do that more often, according to the title on fridays. Back to topic: Konstantin Alexandroff, which is a fetish and nude photographer I recently discovered on deviantART. His very explicit and dark style is very capturing. Darkness, decay and destruction are mixed with unique models and a very intimate and melancholic setting, leaving the model as a light at the end of the tunnel, pushing through the adversities. I noticed him through the nice visual effect of fluid shadows swallowing the model on this picture:

Consumed by *MrKostas on deviantART Also I want to point out, that he is making some very nicely shot and edited videos with quite mood-fitting music, like this one:

Morning Coffee from Konstantin Alexandroff on Vimeo. All of his videos so far can be seen on his vimeo site. One of my favourite pictures by him is the following. It shows the model very natural for a change and is more a beauty shot, apart from the skull icon wink Friday Feature: Konstantin Alexandroff Walking With Gerald by *MrKostas on deviantART

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