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Winner and another thing I like: Axe anti hangover


And the winner of the previous give away is: Henrik

(He was picked by my flexible dice)

axe 250 Winner and another thing I like: Axe anti hangover

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Another thing I like is this shower gel. It’s extremely sticky and has a thick consistency, so be sure that the warm water does not run out while you have this all over you, it will take a little to get off :> Further it smells really good! I wouldn’t call it fruity, because I don’t know which freaking fruit that would be (it’s not kiwi) so it just smells synthetically good. I have not tasted it, but I don’t think it tastes very good. If you have experience with that, please tell me about it or what is your preferred shower gel.

Again, to win, just comment this post. Winner will be picked on 28th of October.

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  1. Alex (Løven) says:

    Love shower gel <3

  2. Hi hi hi hi, jeg vandt den sidste. Jeg vil også gerne vide det her :D

  3. Zien says:

    I’d like this one. And if i do win, i’d taste it for you ;)

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