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A trail in the mist

Yesterdays shoot was fun! Though I almost accidentally drowned my model. I had the idea for this photoshoot some time ago, when it still was summer, so… yeah, call me a√ā¬†procrastinator. So the setting for this shoot was water, nature, white clothing and a white rose. Unfortunately the water was a lot colder than expected, which kind of pulled the shoot out of the water, but I still am quite satisfied with the results. Thanks a lot to my model, she was awesome and we had a nice day! Greetings to Xenia aka MadamFeather at this point, be sweet and check out her gallery!

Checklist for the shoot today:

  1. Camera + tripod (of course charged battery, empty SD-card)
  2. outfit and requisite (white shirt and rose)
  3. bathrobe and towel (never let your models freeze more than necessary)

Next time I will definitely remember food for the model so she doesn’t attempt to eat the well-smelling flower :>


Split Toning

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  1. MadamFeather says:

    Yeah! I like it! My legs are almost back to a much healthier colour… but it was awesome. Looking forward to next shoot already!

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