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Tina Dico – Welcome Back Colour

Welcome Back Colour Tina Dico   Welcome Back ColourWelcome Back Colour is a huge compilation of new and previously released songs. Again life and love dominate the lyrics and blend in a colourful to melancholic grey mix of songs for this 2 disc album. Incredibly sensual and powerful new songs have joined Tina Dico’s wonderful discography. She describes the album as a collection in theme and music, which is divided in Welcome UP (CD1) including most successful songs and 3 new radio tracks, which also includes Welcome Back Colour and Welcome DOWN (CD2) with more or less known, exclusively acustical songs and three new ones.

The Song Welcome Back Colour is like the spearhead of the album, in a little apocalyptic setting, but with an option to enjoy. A shining rainbow in a burned down world.

We go dancing
Through the ashes
And the panic
Of the masses
While we’re waiting for the world to stop spinning
Stop spinning

The olden days are black and white on my tv
And nowadays the future looks the same to me
Unless you and I
Remind eachother
To welcome back colour

Even more energetic Paper Thin pulls the listeners out in the world with stunning metaphors about sacrifice, a risky journey and not standing still.

Even what you hold dear of who you are inside
Could be too much dead weight for this ride around the world
If you spread your wings out wide and thin
Just pray they’ll hold you up till your home again

The following songs have all be released before and I like that so much from Count To Ten was included, even if it was the last album. They do a great deal to put a positive mood on this part of the album. The last track on CD1 is Instead. A sweet love song that reduces and focusses on a simple situation and plain honesty.

Instead of talk
Instead of laughs
Instead of friendship
I just want to be your girl

With Copenhagen Tina Dico declares her love to Denmarks capital city, also referring to her international success. As mentioned before, you can’t even think about believing or not, you just want to see, want to be in that city (by the way, I really can recommend it!).

I’ve been leaving believing
I could find a better place

And all this time…
You were right here

A Room With A View is the first song I’ve heard of her and I still like the memories I have about it and I really want to thank that wonderful girl that showed me her music. The melancholy of paralysation and being stuck as a observer and not a part of this life is over the setting of this song for me:

I recall you took me swimming
the sea was dark and cold
You’d been there many times before
with many different girls, I’d been told
But what’s a man without a past
We love him for his lies
and then we try to break him down to make it last
’til they come true
Thank God for this beautiful view

The split of the songs in these two CDs makes sense. The first being a little faster, having more focus on music and rhythm and with the second listening to this awesome singer and songwriter relying more on her voice. Tina Dico manages to maintain the natural sound of her music and delivers this collection of believable and deep lyrics (many of these once again, which does not decrease their quality). If you buy the songs through iTunes or otherwise digitally the website (international under redesign right now, danish up and running) gives you an opportunity to have a closer look at the lyrics, which is quite awesome and not very wide spread among musicians.


CD1 Welcome UP

  1. Welcome Back Colour
  2. Paper Thin
  3. Nobody’s Man (previously released on In The Red)
  4. Warm Sand (previously released on Notes)
  5. One (previously released on In The Red)
  6. On The Run (previously released on Count To Ten)
  7. Sacre Coeur (previously released on Count To Ten)
  8. Open Wide (previously released on Count To Ten)
  9. Count To Ten (previously released on Count To Ten)
  10. Stains (previously released on A Beginning, A Detour, An open Ending)
  11. A New Situation (previously released on A Beginning, A Detour, An open Ending)
  12. Goldhawk Road (previously released on The Road to Gävle)
  13. Love All Around (previously released on The Road to Gävle)
  14. Instead

CD2 Welcome DOWN

  1. Copenhagen
  2. Watching Him Go
  3. Glow(previously released on A Beginning, A Detour, An open Ending)
  4. Rebel Song (previously released on The Road to Gävle)
  5. Room With A View (previously released on Notes and In The Red)
  6. Let’s Go Dancing (feat. Teitur)
  7. Home
  8. The City/London
  9. Strong Man
  10. Back Where We Started (previously released on Fuel, Far and In The Red)
  11. Break Of Day (previously released on Fuel and Far)
  12. Waltz (feat. Helgi Jónsson)
  13. Halleluja (feat. Steffen Brandt)
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