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copy exif data

exif htmldump copy exif data

If you’re into photography, you may have encountered exif data. They store information like date, time, aperture, f/stop and iso speed for you. If you have, during post-processing lost the exif data, but you want to include them to an image you want to upload or pass on, there is an easy way with the small utility called exiftool. Exiftool actually has a lot larger range of features than that, but I just want to present the most handy for me right now, copying full exif data from one image file to another. All you have to do is to download exiftool for your operating system and on Mac OS and Linux (On Windows there is a drag and drop version I’ve heard.) do the following command in a Terminal:

exiftool -TagsFromFile source_file.jpg -all:all destination_file.jpg

You’ll have copied the full exif data from source_file.jpg to destination_file.jpg. It does support a ton of formats that are listed on the website and not only jpg files.

Other features you might enjoy are:

  • read contents and write to text file
  • create paths of geodata
  • reorganize pictures in groups by info (like by date or aperture)
  • export exif data to html (see above)
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