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Things I like: adidas Ice Dive

ice dive 226 Things I like: adidas Ice DiveThis is not this blog going metro-sexual and I don’t think I care for my body more than average guys, but there are some products I really started to like in the past years. So basically I just do what I do all the time, I write about things I like.

I like this adidas Ice Dive Deo Body Spray because it smells good, of corse this is a matter of taste, but let’s say I’ve had good responses from other people too. In most other thinks it’s like most deo sprays, it feels cold and it’s a bad idea to put it in the micro wave icon wink Things I like: adidas Ice Dive

For the photo here I’ve mixed up water and glycerin (apothecary, 36DKR / 4,80€) and put it on the can with a syringe (apothecary two for 12DKR)

Win this!

If you want this, just comment this post, tell me which your favourite is and if you have tried this one. I will send or give it to you if you live in Denmark or Germany on October 14th. The winner will be picked randomly from everybody that answers this post icon smile Things I like: adidas Ice Dive

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17 Responses to “Things I like: adidas Ice Dive”

  1. To m says:

    ur hardcore! was it a given task or something you came up with in your sparetime?
    I use Fa Men Speedster, nothing special i guess ^^”
    and no, i havnt tried any other deo actually…

  2. Monika says:

    first of all: great picture!

    And now the best deo spray ever: 12 points go to…… *damdamdamdam*

    DOVE – Original! :)

    Finally: never tried yours.

  3. Luna Cassandra says:

    I do not have to be on the list :-D Just needed to say that I really laughed when reading this post :-P

  4. Max Larsen says:

    I use Vanderbilt. I’ve also got some good comments (mainly from my mother). I never tried that Ice Dive, but I’d like to ;)
    What’s the trick with the glycerin? Nice job, by the way :)

  5. Biest :) says:

    Auf was für Ideen du kommst, schon einzigartig. :D Jetzt habe ich doch tatsächlich noch mal geschaut, wie mein Deo richtig heißt. :P Ich benutze immer Impulse: Vanilla Kisses und ich liebe es :) Das ist ein Mix aus Deo und Parfum und kann deinem mit Sicherheit das Wasser reichen, auch wenn ich zugeben muss, dass die Farbe deines Deos toll aussieht. :P

    Liebe Grüße ^.^

  6. YEAH, awesome! Use the same!!! I change between this and “DYNAMIC PULSE” from adidas. By the way, they have a new design of the aerosol … ;o)

  7. Quote: “it’s like most deo sprays, it feels cold and it’s a bad idea to put it in the micro wave ;)”

    OH NOO, you finally HAVE gone mental!!!


  8. Icatey says:

    Did you actually test what happens when you put it in the microwave? Not that I’d ever think you’re nuts or something ^^
    The last deo I bought was 8×4 cherry rock btw, the commercial was so emoish and funny, I had to get it…
    “Lass es rocken mit dem wilden Duft der Kirschblüte” *headbang und so* ;)

  9. Henrik says:

    Når vi engang har fået banket webwawes op, behøver du aldrig mere gå med discount deo. Desuden kan jeg bedst lide den sorte af de der adidas, hvis det skal være.

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