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Should I blog?

Similar questions you may ask yourself: Should I run a blog? Should I blog about my life?

No, you shouldn’t! It’s as simple as that!

Okay, that isn’t true but an example how people run a blog, they complain about things. They complain about the weather, public transportation, politics, bands, movies, pretty much everything there is. Controversy is a big thing in many blogs, extreme points of view are published and as a big audience isn’t much of a problem if you write about similar topics, these can have an impact. Statements like above make people want to comment and tell you how wrong you are. Actually they are very likely to comment if they disagree than when they agree.

In fact you can always consider to run a blog, if you have at least one of the following:

  • time to produce great content  (visual art, music, poems or critiques and reviews of such)
  • a sense for connecting occurrences in a way others don’t
  • expertise or know how that could be helpful to many others
  • an outstanding and extraordinary life
  • writing talent that turns even very casual situations into great stories

Now these rules apply to successful blogs at most. Of course you can blog, twitter and such as much as you like without all that. I personally also use my blog to keep family and friends updated about my life and what is going on, trying to hand on the impressions I get. Nothing wrong with that. Let’s  take the rules one by one:

Great Content

Concerning visual art, I would like to put up by Jason Levesque and (just portfolio, but anyways, releasing new works there) by Cristiano Siqueira. They are both top visual artists and people will visit their site to gather inspiration and find out more about them, their skills and how they work.

Connecting Occurrences

This is not the easiest one. Basically it’s a good idea to stay very much up to date with several news sites and specialise on politics, economy and social aspects, you’ll probably find interesting topics.

Expertise sharing

An outstanding example for that is the sub-headline is Quality Blender Tutorials for a reason. Andrew Price is really distributing high quality stuff for the open source render software blender there. Another really successful blog about everything about (web-)design and related topics is The Smashing Magazine.

Outstanding Life

You are a top model, Greenpeace activist or the prime minister of some country? This is totally your way. People will listen to you because of your fame or the exotic life you live, no worries at all icon wink Should I blog? Example for that is a model’s blog: Elyse Sewell’s Livejournal

Writing Talent

Consider yourself gifted and pick your topics carefully. You will probably attract people with your ability of expressing them in your way.

If you have any or more of the following just be sure that you can maintain a degree of quality and be original about it, don’t rip off content, it will never really work out. At last, you should try to keep some structure in your content, but this does not belong here, because this entry is dedicated to the content you might want to have on your blog.

If you liked this entry, please comment and others may follow, for example about technical issues of blogging.

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