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vector posters

We’re having design basics at the academy right now, so the lessons are awesome. For one assignment we had to take an ad or a design we liked and re-create. I chose Anorexia by *UncleMontezuma on deviantART.

Here is my outcome:

more action 500 vector posters

Second assignment due to today was to create an advertisement for a company. (I know, I’m not selling a product on my poster, but nobody said anything about products. Governmental institutions and help organisations are close to companies in many ways.) For my design and message I wanted something very clean and easy to understand. I especially watched out for repetition of the scale, information, typography and minimal, but meaningful use of colour:

kinsey 500 vector posters

Both wer entirely done in Illustrator CS5 (I’m getting used to it). Prints and full-view are available if you click the images.

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