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Being late and having an expensive trip

You know, public transportation sucks big time in Denmark. You think there’s a bus that’s going hourly and then you notice, that it’s only every second hour. You trip and stumble into the cliché of sitting in a bakery, drinking coffee and typing on your MacBook Pro. So not cool! Then you get to the bus you waited on an hour and you pay 111DKR (15€) for getting to your university, no discount for students, sorry.

At least you get some emails done during the 2h journey, too bad you’re going to be late for your class.

I bet I’d be off better with riding a BIKE. Well, fortunately I’ve received an offer about a flat in Kolding and I can move in in about one month.

Another thing that is kind of strange, is that the number of visitors on my blog has gone up, but I receive no comments from them at all, so either what I write is really boring or they all silently agree. My aggressive but truthful post about Adobe and Apple yesterday should be something people either should comment on or just claim that I am retorted to talk bad about their loved companies (come on Apple fanboys!).

Maybe they all think I don’t give a shit about what they think about my posts, which in a way is correct, because I’m not very unstable in my views, but in another way, I would like feedback and I also would like to read some other points of view. As I am not a well-selling star author, not a lot of people comment my posts. Maybe I should just add a huge pop-up saying: COMMENT IF YOU GIVE A FUCK. A simple JS code for something like that would be:

<script type=”text/javascript”>

So, top event today: David Fratto, he held an awesome, non-stop two hours motivation speech including many nice metaphors, supplying someone anybody can look up to to my fellow students.

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  1. Halefa says:

    Oder du denkst, du wohnst in einer Großstadt, da werden Freitags nachts schon Nachtbusse fahren – und dann letztendlich 200kr für ein Taxi ausgibst. Um 1 Uhr.

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