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Polaroids creation

DSC04104 pola03 600 Polaroids creation

(Thanks to Mette from for the original Photo of me with my Revue)

For everyone that remembers Polaroid Cameras from their childhood, I’ve got a way how to turn your photos into Polaroids, without Photoshop and without any worries. So this is how to do Polaroids on your computer:

First of all, I know that software could never replace the nice feeling about the instant film of a real camera, but here is a really good attempt! It’s not a professional tool, but it’s the most fun and intuitive tool I’ve seen for quite a while. I found Poladroid through windprinzesschens post and I thought I might give it a try. It supports saving the artificial polaroid at various states of its development and some other options you can see below.

poladroid options Polaroids creation

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  1. Monika says:

    Yeah nice to see that you’ve tried the tool. It’s a really nice tool. good result =)

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