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Aros, I love you, Xenoglossy

Today my school offered me a trip to the Aros center in Ã…rhus. The exhibitions we saw were I love you and Xenoglossy by Julie Nord. I love you was compiled of works by many different artists. Exceptional pieces for me were the melded tea cups by Mona Hatoum, representing a couple that loes their individuality. A very strong photography was taken by Nina Berman, showing a pretty, but serious looking bride and a soldier, as the broom, with a face so heavily deformed by a bomb attack, that his expression wasn’t to interpret. Also worth mentioning is a slow motion short film by Jesper Just about choosing sexuality. The film dragged in some very stylistic elements from fairytales. Nobuyoshi Araki was part of the exhibition with photographs  of young, bondage japanese women.

Luckily the 9 spaces in the basement still existed, which I enjoyed a lot last time.

The part I enjoyed the sot was Xenoglossy, which describes a trance where the one in it speaks in a language, that he or she didn’t know before. The paintings and drawings mostly show young girls in different settings. The raw phantasies are executed extremely well and draw in some repetitive symbols like skulls, combat helicopters or other dark and cruel objects. The ideas seem very unfiltered and the images created are very powerful, creating multiple contrast between good and evil in every piece.

I couldn’t walk by the book about the exhibition without buying it. It gives good insight in Nords work and I really enjoy it.

nord xeno 500 Aros, I love you, Xenoglossy

nord xeno2 500 Aros, I love you, Xenoglossy

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    sounds like your school gives you a very good education. Many activities in the first two weeks. Thumbs up. Excited whats coming next.

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