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Stuff and I’ve got a new baby!

Great days right now, I’m having really cool time at the academy where I actually have time to experiment with creative stuff in my Design classes.
The introduction camp with most of the students was a blast including some team oriented tasks and for me a lot of good talks in Danish and English.
Today I had Communication for the first time, it’s totally relevant and will be one of my favorite classes I guess. It’s a lot of theory, but brutally important theory. Feels like part 5 of what we started back in school once. We’re just starting and having about different communication models, what is happening with the message and who you are targeting with it.
Yesterday I received a wonderful gift, an Olympus iS-2000 automatic analogue camera with built in 35-135mm zoom lens. It’s a blast to try this beautiful camera! First thing I did is flipping a new film in. I’m so looking forward to try it out for portrait and some still life photography! (M. I owe you big time)

olympus Stuff and Ive got a new baby!
I’m also planning my next photo-shoot right now, but the weather has to play nice on me to work it out. You’ll probably see the pictures when they are available icon smile Stuff and Ive got a new baby!

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  1. Monika says:

    Ach welch schönes Geschenk. Damit kann man ja schon fast jemanden erschlagen ;). Ich freu mich schon, wenn du den ersten Film entwickeln lässt. Ich mein genug Gerätschaft hast du ja jetzt =)

  2. Halefa says:

    Potensverlängerer ….

    Segeln kommendes Wochenende?

  3. Potenz meine liebe Halefa, Potenz! Habe ich übrigens genug, aber du bist ja immer noch vergeben, nicht wahr?

    Segeln? Glaube nicht, hab schon ne Menge zu tun, aber gerne mal!

    @Moni: Mit meiner Hardware wird niemand erschlagen, dafür besitze ich ein Schwert!

  4. Halefa says:

    Deutsch als Fremdsprache ist verdammt schwer. Und zuerst hatte ich da wirklich ein z stehen!

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