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Optimising PNGs with pngcrush

While working on the deviantART version of my little tutorial I thought I should try optimising it, because it actually got a little big, a PNG of 750×2443 px. A really handy tool named pngcrush helped me save some traffic there. It may not be that important in days where bandwith is everywhere and for no money, but if you think about a badly compressed image and how annoying it is, to watch it load, you may actually consider taking a look at this. (Oh and of course if you’re doing stuff for mobile devices too). Every second an image or an entire layout loads longer could mean the loss of a customer or reader, keep that in mind.

pngcrush Optimising PNGs with pngcrush

As you can see, the use is extremely simple (for more advanced functions check the man page) and the file size is decreased a fair amount of KB.


  1. original file: sitr.png, size: 960KB
  2. pngcrushed file: sitr_small.png, size: 880KB

8.5% further compression

I also noticed a lot heavier compression at the preview image for the little JavaScript clock.


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