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Day 3, not at NoMA

Photo on 2010 09 01 at 15 Day 3, not at NoMA

(This is me, still wearing the make-up from the shooting today, had to put a little goth element in it ;))

Today I slept over a little and we were doing HTML basics, so I skipped my class and went straight to my photoshoot for my first assignment in my design class. I’m very thankful that Xenia gave me a hand and took the photos for me. Afterwards of course the post-work, melting the photographies together using layer masks and adding the elements for the rest of the cover. I’m getting along with Photoshop pretty well, but it’s a little hard to get along with the keybindings, that differ a lot from the GIMP.

Click the image to see them full-size on deviantART:

me visual curve 500 Day 3, not at NoMA

DVD visual me 500 Day 3, not at NoMA

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5 Responses to “Day 3, not at NoMA”

  1. krempi says:

    In einem Wort, sehr, sehr cool… okay, das waren drei, aber eine Aussage.

  2. In einem Wort: Dankeschön! :D

  3. quote: “sehr, sehr cool”
    one, one, one. ok one word that works :)

    No seriously. Great work Jonathan.
    Did you take 6 pictures remove the background and put yourself back in 5 times? Or what do you mean by layer masks? I mean if you put them over each other you will never get yourself more then once or am I wrong?

    How long did it take?


  4. Halefa says:

    Bluuee Screen? :D

    Habt ihr das auch mit künstlichem Licht fotografiert oder nur mit dem, was da war? Ich mag die Reviews – und die “Adults Warning” passt ziemlich genau. :p

  5. @Lennart: Yes, layer masks manipulates which part of a layer is visible.

    @Halefa: Kein Blue/Green Screen. Alles Umgebungslicht, werde mich nächste mal mal um Reflektoren kümmern.

    Finde die Warnung musste einfach sein ;)

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