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Day 2, Adobe Adventure Land Suite

PS CS5 Day 2, Adobe Adventure Land Suite

Today we started using Photoshop and doing some simple tasks with it. It wasn’t that hard, but a little disturbing that my books have not arrived yet. Most people around had their troubles making the Mac do what they wanted it too icon smile Day 2, Adobe Adventure Land Suite pretty humorous. Wel also got our first assignment today, and I’m totally excited about realising it icon smile Day 2, Adobe Adventure Land Suite Really have to jump into the Adobe stuff to at least be able to do what I so far learned in Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus, Blender and various more. I’ll install Gimp, just in case something is bugging me too much. So far “how to do $keyword in Photoshop CS5″ is my favourite google query. The woman (actually it’s not to bring the gender up for discussion, just to give further details) teaching us in Design is really kind, she’s just very busy and I guess I came up with some very deep or tricky questions today, but she’s helping anyways. It’s her first year, so I hope I soon can assist helping the people not really into this right now.

I also got my tablet working with some drivers that actually shouldn’t be used with it. I use a Trust TB-6300 and got these drivers for a “Slimline Design Tablet for Mac”. Well, who am I to care, it works icon wink Day 2, Adobe Adventure Land Suite

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