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shooting in the rain

drops shooting in the rain

As you can see on the image above, it’s shot in the rain, but how do you protect your loved camera in this shitty weather? How do you keep drops on your lense from ruining your pictures or forcing you to spend hours retouching them?

UV Filter shooting in the rain

What you will need is a UV-Filter (like the hama you see here) fitting your lense. I bought one for my EOS 18-55mm Kit lense which has a 58mm diameter. UV-Filters are extremely handy for protecting your lense from dust, rain or other fluids, plus they are a lot easier to keep clean. You have to watch out for more reflections though. The prize of this one was about 13€, so it’s one of the cheap ones, but will do quite well. The second thing you need is a package of cleaning wipes for glasses, you probably know them if you wear glasses yourself. They are fairly cheap, so just stop by your local supermarket and see what they have.With your UV-Filter attached, out in the rain, you just wipe off drops with the cleaning wipes, it will dry in seconds! That is because of the chemicals used, leaving no marks behind.
Important: Don’t ever do that to your lense! You’ll risk scratching it or harming the coating!

Tasche shooting in the rain
About the rest of the camera: most DSLR bodies don’t bother much when they get a few drops of water, check your manual for further details.

After shooting, put your camera back into your bag, clean it later, if necessary. My camera bag isn’t waterproof, but it’s thick enough to keep the rain out for a good amount of time. In case of unplanned, longer stays in wet weather or really heavy rain, I keep a small plastic bag in there, I can pull over, which keeps it dry.
As you can see, this equiptment is very low budget (my camera bag was about 20€) so I guess it’s worth trying.
Thank you all for reading and I hope you can benefit a little from my experience

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