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Looking ahead

I’m sitting in this windy harbour and I’m wondering what my future and especially my next two years in Kolding will bring. I know I will not receive more than I reach and struggle for, so it’s a lot up to me. I have some plans, but I don’t know how classes and people will be. The website of the NoMA (Nordic Multimedia Academy) is promising. There are a lot of cool portfolios of former students listed. I’ll work hard on improving my skills as code monkey and design ninja ;). You’ll all the the first to see.
It’s going to be interesting to meet a bunch of new people there. Kind of everywhere I came around in Denmark I met a lot of mixed folks, which makes it a lot more fun. Probably I’ll make some new friends among them.
Having to work on Flash, a proprietary technology, is bugging me a little. I have the goal to reproduce what I have to do with it with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
It also feels good to get in touch with people again, that I haven’t talked to/written with in a long time. Thanks to those icon smile Looking ahead
Besides all this I’ve had time to participate in a photography contest today on deviantART with the following picture, which was also shot today:

her majesty The theme is: another age.

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  1. Biest :) says:

    Das Bild sieht toll aus. :) Könnte super das Cover von der Single “Geisterschiff” sein. :D
    Viel Glück :)

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