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Status and Music

I’ve been taken in both Odense and Kolding. My choice is the Nordic Multimedia Academy in Kolding to study Multimedia Design. I’m pretty happy it worked out, I already got a list of books I’ve got to get. It doesn’t even really bug me, that I will have to code Flash. Everything is going pretty fast right now, I’ve also got a negative response from FKP Scorpio, so there will be no photos through my lense this M’era Luna. Success means also taking setbacks without suffering. I will enjoy my people and the concerts.

Some of my favourite songs these days:

Plan B – She said: (Videolink)

She said I love you more than words can say,
She said I love you ba-a-a-a-aby,

So I said, what you’re saying girl, it can’t be right,
How can you be in love with me, we only just spent tonight,
So she said, boy I love you from the start,
When I first heard love goes down,
Something started burning in my heart,
I said stop this crazy talk, leave right now close the door,
She said but i love you boy I love you so,
She said I love you baby oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

Tina Dico – Sacre Coeur:

Paris breaths beneath my feet
Thirsty skin against concrete
My sacred heart misleading me
And I don’t know where to go
No, I don’t know where to go

I could go home to my love
And live the life I’ve always wanted
Or I could go on running off
Into the night, lonely and haunted
And the strange thing is
I don’t know which I prefer
As I sit here and watch the sun set on Sacre Coeur

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