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Testing Chromium for real: day 1

Chromium Logo Testing Chromium for real: day 1

Day 1:

I’ve only played around a bit with Chrome and Chromium so far, so I wanted a closer look at the browser. I always did miss things that I had in Firefox, but as I like to give new things a chance (and can’t stand no changes :D) I managed to dig up some plugins so Chromium would fit my needs. So let’s see how it compares to Firefox.

First impressions:

  • It’s pretty fast
  • changed the window decoration so it is rendered by Gnome instead of Chromium
  • pumped it with extensions
  • Some userscripts not working correctly, would like greasemetal for Linux right now

Plugins / Extensions:

Luckily the Chrome plugins work in Chromium like a charm:

  • Chromed Bird twitter client
  • Greasy Thug modify pages with java script
  • Popchrom paste predefined snippets from shortcuts (like: ilu CTRL+ENTER becomes: I love you my dearest sweet heart and I am so much looking forward to see you again)
  • Too Many Tabs so you don’t get lost in too many tabs icon wink Testing Chromium for real: day 1
  • Webpage Screenshot screenshot whole websites locally
  • Web Developer very valuable plugin for webdesign and development


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