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Hohenwestedt part 2

Finally I managed to translate my post about the medieval weekend in Hohenwestedt, oh and added a few pictures, enjoy:

He has to be a fool,
who not lives
and not loves
under the summers dominion

This is how Saltatio Mortis sang one of their songs, Ecce Gratum, in Latin for the audience that had gathered in Hohenwestedt for the Medieval Phantasy Spectaculum (MPS) this year. The atmosphere was amazing and the music invited everybody to sing, dance and clap to the drums. Another highlight on the music side was Metusa, but not only that should make this event so awesome and entertaining. There was archery, show fights, a mounted knights tournament, fire dancers, comedy and other foolishness and enjoyment, also concerning food, about everything for a perfect stay. Actors, barmaidens serving mead, visitors and musicians mixed to a huge family and conversations with random people about costumes and experiences turned into normality very quickly.

Many of the visitors and participants made a big deal out of their clothes, armors and dresses. There were knights in full plate armor that must have weight 30 kilo and above. Dresses, robes, coats were carried under the nice blue sky in the heat of a beginning summer. Rarely I’ve ever felt so comfortable in between so many armed people with swords, axes and much more. The concerts were awesome. There was a really good and still calm atmosphere. Kids could even stand in the first lanes at the midnight concerts without being pushed and had a nice view on the bands. There also were some interesting activities for the kids like stonework, felt textile creation and with all the events as bathing of the witches (though a lot less brutal than in the old days ;)), processions of knights and their followers and straw stacks which obviously were interesting to play around in.


  • 941 photos
  • an awesome weekend Sir Lennart the long, the Steffmaster and Hendrik the swordmaster, that will stay in my memory forever
  • A LOT of tasty food
  • nice new contacts
  • next time, pack more cards AND store them so I will be able to find them, so I don’t have to start writing my address on pages of my notebook and hand them out

Some more, really really great photos can be found at Mar-jus page on deviantART

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