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Dropboxing for backup and collaboration

dropbox blog Dropboxing for backup and collaboration

As I have mentioned before on my deviantART profile, Dropbox is a really handy tool for backup and collaboration. I’ve realised this weekend again how pleasant it is, to keep regular backups of important files, you need to access from more than one computer. It’s nice for keeping your bookmarks, address book, emails and more available. I’m looking forward to try it for some collaborations and stuff I’m breeding right now, which is not meant to be made public immediately.

So if you would like to:

  • share, but only with certain people
  • collaborate
  • store your stuff in an online backup solution (recommended you crypt the data first)
  • keep things synchronized on different computers

You should sign up now and get 2GB of space for free. Premium accounts are 9,99$ a month for 50GB and 19,99$ for 100GB. (Oh yeah and if you click my links, you help me get some extra space ;))

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  1. The data you save in such networks are not stored on one PC, but stored in a whole networks of PCs. Nobody, and especially not you knows were they are stored. A simple data leak could expose all your data to people who sell them or any other things you don’t want done with you data.
    Once saved in such a network you have no chance to ever get it out of the Internet again.
    I highly recommend to encrypt your data before storing it in such networks.

    The problem is being discussed in the following 2h pod cast, but in German:

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t use this services, it’s just with everything nowadays: THINK of side effects!!!

    have a great day


  2. I’ll just quote myself:
    “store your stuff in an online backup solution (recommended you crypt the data first)”, but thanks for repeating myself ;)

  3. Johann says:

    And you can upgrade the space for free.
    You have to be invited. Then you both have 250MB extra-space.

    For example with the link below:


  4. it was 2 minutes after i got up, sorry.

  5. Halefa says:

    Ich liebe Dropbox. Gut geeignet, wenn man Projekt als Gruppenarbeit schreiben soll. (Ja, da ginge auch GoogleDocs. Aber DP ist das, was die anderen kennen, DP funktioniert. Ãœberzeuge sie dann mal von was anderem.)

    Und auch sehr praktisch, wenn man zwei Rechner hat und nicht immer mit nem Stick rumrennen will.

  6. Jap, ich bin auch über eine Kollegin drauf gekommen. Wir arbeiteten zwar gerade nicht zusammen an irgendetwas, aber dazu kommt das hoffentlich bald mal wieder. *An die schönen Abende mit Java, PHP und Python zurückdenk*

    Grüße an Moni! :)

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