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drawing in your browser…

…is pretty much fun.  I discovered an entry on FotoChaotins blog where she wrote about two different services to draw in your browser. Yeah I know, again outsourcing things to your browser that only are available online. I’m tired of it too and I really love my desktop applications for feeds, email, twitter and I would like these features available in GIMP or mypaint.

The two little applications (Harmony, Scribbler) available are so much fun, because they connect your lines automatically, distribute nice effects that are sensitive to your mouse speed and make pretty much anything look cool in an abstract way. I was surprised how it managed to connect the lines of my doodles and build a relationship between them. It’s like having two hands drawing for you immediately while you are doodling around. Of course you have less control over the appearance of the drawing, but it still is fun, like smashing paint on a canvas. You may not have much control there either ;).

So here are some examples with Harmony, showing the mouse-speed recognition and some of the effects:

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  1. Flügel says:

    besonders dieses Harmony ist ziemlich cool :)
    Macht viel Spaß ^^

  2. Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt :) Meine treue Leserin :P

  3. FotoChaotin says:

    Vielen Dank für den Verweis! :)

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