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Browser Update, for a better web

upgrade Browser Update, for a better web

Let’s face it, most people don’t know what a browser is. They just click some icon and call this the internet. The problem about these people is, they are potential users of old browsers, which puts web developers in a difficult situation. They have to do twice the work or choose old technologies over new ones, even if the new technology or way of doing things would be based on standards, more time and bandwidth, CPU-workload efficient or just give the user better ways of interaction.

So it seems like a good idea to notice visitors, if they are using old software that might interfere with correct use of your website. A nice script, which automatically detects browser and language for that can be found at It’s java-script based and shows a little notification bar on top of your website, that will notify visitors that use outdated software.

With upgrading your browser to the current version you:

  • help standards to move on faster (like HTML5 for native playing of videos, without flash)
  • have probably higher functionality (Tabs, faster browsing)
  • lower risk of phishing or malware intrusions through your browser
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