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Panoradramatic: Hugin

The hugin panorama creator is a great tool for photographers who use Linux. It has great abilities to merge photos into a nice panorama image. Hugin,  The Panorama photo stitcher is absolutely great. I just tried it with two photos I took some time ago and jumped on my terrace to make a series of 6 I could merge to a single image. It worked outstandingly.

bildschirmfoto dscf5782 dscf5784pto hugin 150x150 Panoradramatic: Hugin

This shows how you can connect the different images with points where the same object or same pattern appears. (I know these images are horrible, I should have taken 2-3 more of that building. Btw, this is the town hall of Flensburg.

The hugin website offers a lot of tutorials which I definetly going to have a look at.Puzzling images together in GIMP can really consume a lot of time. *sigh*

Here my first results:

rathaus 150x150 Panoradramatic: Hugin panorama clipped 150x150 Panoradramatic: Hugin

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