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Sex and the city

Sex and the city is the worst movie I’ve seen in the last few month. It provides flat characters, superficiality and lots of hysterical and brainless chicks. The only few things I like are how the viewer is put into the place of the passive reader of Carries books. It’s supposed to be about love, but it’s not even a good love story. There just are no strong feelings, nothing compareable to Romeo and Julia or Love me if you dare. The intensity compared to Love me if you dare is like a man with a candle using the morse code compared to a megabit internet connection. It’s neither a reference when it comes to style or fashion like you would expect it to be and not hot or interesting when it comes to sex. It’s just four chicks facing problems that are directly funny to people who really have. Basically the plot of the first part is: “Treat your man like shit, give a fuck about his feelings and be pissed of harder than anyone if he dares to say something against it. Additionally you drag your 3 female friends who are dumb, sex addicted and paranoid into your story.” A positive thing is how the characters are adopted from the tv series. Nice facts: Carrie wants to marry Mr. Big, because she’s scared about having no place to live in case they split up. Carrie uses a MacBook (Apple computer) in the tv series, but hands Samantha her iPhone back in the movie, with the explanation, that she’s not able to use it (which reflects the unability to pick 1 of 9 large and clearly visible icons). We should keep in mind, that Apple is in the opinion of a lot of people producing the most userfriendly interfaces ever. Another fun fact: Miranda does not fuck her husband for half a year, gives him the feeling, that there is no time for him or sex with him and must make him feel like a dog from the street, gives her the right to throw him away like a used towel when he slept with another woman. I don’t think this movie has any morals, but the worst thing is, the movie itself seems to be convinced of it. So remember people: Don’t devote yourself. You are too important for everything else. Don’t forgive (if they don’t throw you diamonds). If you don’t support the slaughtering of animals for their skin, you’re a screaming insane person.

If this is the big dream of so many women, my big dream is to be conan the babarian swinging and axe through all their faces.


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