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Filesharing != poor musicians?

Lately I’ve been around in a filesharing board and I happen to open threads where people thank the uploader and publish where they saw this band live or where they will next time. It’s like: Oh yeah, this show was great, I’ll cleary go <insert date here> in <insert city here>. Why are musicians complaining? Don’t they earn more by people knowing them, going to their shows than only by selling records? As far as I’ve read the industry is (people putting art to wannabe copy protected media) earning the biggest part. Why should I support the industry, which makes it illegal for me to copy a CD I bought to my mp3player? I’ll support artists through their concerts, for me, that’s the best solution until there will be nice and DRM free downloads.

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  1. Psypeng says:

    Exactly my thought. :) I don’t see why everybody is so obsessed with getting their stuff protected.

    Look at DVD’s. The ONLY reason I’m doing piracy is because of anti-piracy. All the “encrypted” stuff and the patents disable me from watching DVD’s on Linux (or at least, doing so legally) so I have decided to just stop it. If they hadn’t acted so ridiculous, I would have simply bought the discs already. It’s not like I don’t have the money for it. It’s actually easier to go out and buy something, instead of waiting ages for the download. And with the disc, you scan still copy the contents so you can play them in the environment of your choice without fearing that it gets scratched.

    Same with music. I’d normally listen to it (be it in the shop or by downloading first) but with all the ridiculous protection on it, I’m not going out to buy it.

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