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The Eye (ins Auge)

alba the eye poster 202x300 The Eye (ins Auge)Last saturday I was watching “The Eye” in Flensburg and I’m happy that no blind person ever will see this movie. It’s funny, that the main character (Jessica Alba) can walk without using her stick in public, even holding people back from being run over, but in her flat she’s slow as a snail, touching every wall. It’s a typical horror thriller with nice effects and a story that I have not seen before. Frame setting for our main character to “see things” is, that she receives a donation for a pair of eyes, that allow her to see again, that appear to have been owned by a girl with a special connection to the spiritual world. Nice to see are the things that happen to the main character and the shocking moments, but still, the best scene is the intro. The shocking moments sometimes are too long and only kept alive by the dramatical music.

5/10 After all, it was entertaining, so it’s an average movie with nice effects.

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