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Shshsshhh Hsss!

blog python Shshsshhh Hsss!Hello everybody out there still reading. I hope somebody does, because it’s been a while. A long time with lots of played hours on lots of wow-characters lie behind me (account has been canceled). So far lots of unproductivity, but a beacon of hope and energy to me is my wonderful girlfriend Julia, which whom I will share a flat by August.

Thanks to all the people I’ve had so much fun with online like Gollor, Makran, Klorr, Sintha, Shino & Palo, Miarara, Maleen, Kassy, Pigo, Osta and mostly Morgainee icon wink Shshsshhh Hsss! Sorry for the people not mentioned, you are great too.

I have some ideas floating around my head and I will soon start some projects. There will be something to stare at when I’m done, at least I hope that.

The title of this entry is chosen because I’m getting a little Python on my fingers again and it’s a nice sound to wake my watchers, they must have fallen asleep long ago. I chose Python because it’s much more used than ruby for example. PHP also is something I like to experience with. Maybe someday Verpeilerchen and me will continue our collaborative PHP-Lessons.

School is okay and I’m only missing 4 exams until my (let’s hope so) graduation.

So long, see you all soon

<Sonium> someone speak python here?
<lucky> SSSSS
<Sonium> the programming language

from icon wink Shshsshhh Hsss!

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