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How the Danish Ministry of Education discriminates Linux users.

Hvordan man kan bruge Ressourcerum med Linux.
Hvorfor Ressourcerummet ikke virker med Linux.
(in case some of the Danish students googles the topic)

As a student at a German school in Denmark, we have to obey the Danish schools system and rules, which is no major problem I think. Though a problem is, that the sources for an essential assignment are available for Windows users only. It’s not a direct problem for our school, because our laptops are delivered with Windows XP, but it’s discriminating against all other who prefer to work on alternative operating systems. To point it out again, this assignment has to be done, to finish our three years of education at our school. This CD was made by the Danish Ministry (Undervisningsministeriet) of Education and is delivered to every third year class in Denmark. The important sources, are saved on a CD, which is protected against being run by a non-windows OS with the following script in the index.html file.

<script language=”JavaScript”>
var sdfz = new Date()
if (self.location.hash!=’#C’ + (32*sdfz.getMonth()+sdfz.getDate())) self.location.replace(“error.html”)
The Startup.exe on the CD has to be started to access the Data through the framework. Of course you can pick out the data manually, but without descriptions and unsorted. In my eyes, it’s a crime to limit the access to Windows users.
How to avoid Windows, using the resources:
If you are effected by this and want to use it with Linux, just copy all the data from the CD and remove the script above from the index.html. (You just open the index.html with a simple text editor like Notepad, Kate, Gedit.)
Afterwards your can use the CD without restrictions.

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