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iFlock, I’m flogging this!

flockicon iFlock, I’m flogging this!

Flock is a very friendly piece of software, based on Firefox, that aims at the blogging and 24/7 connected generation. It comes with a lot of so called social-computing gadgets. My favourites are the Web-Clipboard, the Blog-Poster and the Photo-Uploader. You can add nearly any account (Blogger, Livejournal, WordPress) and blog from within your browser. The Photo-Uploader is a very good tool for sharing photos on the fly. You select a couple of pictures, give them a comment or just batch comment them all, select size and rotation and upload them into an album on Photobucket or Piczo with a click. I think even my mom could overlook the simple features.

The editor for blog entries can still be improved in my opinion with features for image upload and a function to save something as a draft on your blog and not only on your computer, but maybe that will be integrated later.

So, I’ve been flogging this.. Don’t confuse that with a flogger whip icon wink iFlock, I’m flogging this!


blog flock blog post.thumbnail iFlock, I’m flogging this! <-The blog-posting addon with web-clipboard sidebar

blog flock photo1.thumbnail iFlock, I’m flogging this! blog flock photo2.thumbnail iFlock, I’m flogging this! <- and the photo uploader

blog mediabar.thumbnail iFlock, I’m flogging this!    <-you can watch flickr or photobucket accounts with the media bar


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