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Simpsons, the movie!

blog simpsons movie Simpsons, the movie!

Simpsons – the movie. A lot of people were counting the days until the 27th of July this year, so they could enjoy the Simpsons movie. I saw it and I was entertained, no doubt. As the tv-series the movie is packed with side blows on social and political issues, but always in a funny and entertaining manner. The movie is very diversified and is everything else but boring. I met a lot of known characters and even the simpsonified version of Green Day is involved. Even if we know the characters pretty well now, the never caring Homer, the Lisa, trying to improve the world and the constantly joking Bart, this movie is unpredictable! So.. go and see it! I will not download this movie! (Or if you do, see it in the cinema too) now go and write that on a chalkboard like Bart does, in the intro icon wink Simpsons, the movie!

In numbers: 6/6

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