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Halligwitch, denton and gero

This weekend from saturday til monday me and Thomas joined Catarina back home. She was born on a Hallig (which is a small “island” in the sea at north-germanys coastline). We had an awesome trip and enjoyed our stay with her. Nights of watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, days of digging worms and bathing in the sea. On monday we even found a drawing in some kind of museum or information institution with a deviantART account written on it. I photographed it and we went on. Links to: the drawing and fessels deviantART account. Great trip. Thomas and me already have the tickets to get back there!

blog hallig1 strandkorb.thumbnail Halligwitch, denton and gero blog hallig1 terrorkinder.thumbnail Halligwitch, denton and gero

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