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4 hours+lmms+moonlight

Hi people. I just got up from a few hours sleep. Last night I again installed lmms which is a great music editor in my opinion. Some month ago I could not understand the interface at all, that’s why I thought: Come on, give it a second try.

So I installed it and tried to create a track right away. From 1:13 till 5:13 I was working on it and I really like it. It’s a mix between drum&bass and hardstyle or something. I used lmms samples only, so this is kind of an example what you can do with open source software in 4 hours. Feel free to check the track at Hope some of you like it.. and if not, I DO! icon biggrin 4 hours+lmms+moonlight


high quality ogg vorbis version

the track on

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