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Hi people. It’s been a while. From 17. to 19. Nadine was visiting me in Denmark. It was pretty good to see her again and have some talks without using keyboards. After that I was really happy to see Marlene again too. 10-20 people are taking a month on my school like every year to decide if they are going to be here next year or not, so my bus is kind of packed and I have to get up earlier. My big bunch of homework is growing and I’m not really finishing my texts.
For the german people I would like to link one of Flügels sites here. There are some good articles, oh and one of mine. More will follow Youtoo – depressiv im Alltag mit uns I’ll have to translate the text for the blog when I get some time for that.

I’m looking forward to party with Henning and some other friends from school next weekend. Hope to. Thanks To Thomas, Ann-Kristin and Catarina here for kicking me a bit in the ass in the case of schoolwork, because I’m a too lazy there.

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