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futuristic sex robotz // music of the netculture

I’ve recently found a nice band on the internet. They submit their under the creative commons license and you can download it freely.

The band futuristic sex robotz have submitted their album HOTel CORAL esSEX online and free for everyone to download. It’s a mix of electronic and rap with lyrics that mostly are focussed on netculture, sex and anti-MPAA/anti-DRM stuff. The lyrics are funny, nostalgic and pretty right in some way. That differs from song to song. Various samples are used. I’d say it’s pretty high quality music and you should all have a look at it if you believe in the freedom of music, are attached to the internet as a nerd, geek, freak or hacker or just like listening to good music.
The music is available in a .zip file about 66 mb.

Attention The lyrics that often are about netculture also conatin mature content.


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