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autumn holiday

Going to be one week away, visiting Nadine really happy to see her again. Hopefully going to take some photos down there, the landscape is absolutely overwhelming. Things I can do while travelling 9 hours by train: read my danish book for school, read Spieltrieb by Juli Zeh and draw. You miss something? Yes! My mp3player is broken! :/ Oh and I have to do some comission work in my holidays. I have got a tattoo design, 2 vector pics and one clan logo pending. I think this is great. Not because I have too much time, but because people want ME to illustrate or create something for them. It really makes me give my best. Besides I’m trying out Xara Xtreme some more (it really rocks) on a stock photo I found on dA, going to upload it when it is done. Right now I’m just packing my stuff.

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